Vitra & Vestel Smart Mirror
UI/UX/Visual Design, interaction design,
brand Integration, wireframing, asset delivery

Vitra’s upcoming product SmartMirror powered by Vestel is a digital bathroom mirror featured with widgets, adjustable LED mood lights and music playing capabilities. This app is designed for the end user to setup and/or customize their mirror.

Our Mission was to create a fluid app for customers to setup and customize their mirrors comfortably. Design process included research, wireframing, prototyping and asset delivery.

Vitra’s corporate visual guidelines were applied within the UI. We chose to support the monochromatic color palette with pops of color especially in buttons and animations. The engineers and I wanted to create an easy going UX that will reduce user error. In its overall flow, the app features simple and smooth transitions guided by UI elements that are minimalistic in nature.

Austin, TX