Enka Culture &  Arts Foundation
Integrated Identity Design,
Creative Direction, Copy Writing,
Website Design, Social Media, Advertising, Illustration, Environmental Graphics

ENKA’s Culture & Arts Foundation was established in 1988. Since then the foundation has sponsored many internationally acclaimed events and supported artists in the performing arts. ‘ENKA Culture and Arts Gatherings’ and I have been working together since 2011.The purpose of our partnership is to attract a younger audience and keep their long-running programs Istanbul‘s conscience. The events’ identities were completely redesigned in 2013 and have been evolving since then. Our motivation has been to always keep an up to date visual presence and establish an immediately recognizable identity.

‘ENKA Culture and Arts Gatherings’ happen 3 times a year. Theatre Gatherings in the spring, Open Air Gatherings in summer and Music Gatherings in the fall. We wanted to create an identity that can be flexible and memorable. Colors are assigned to the different months in which the events take place. Every year a new visual concept is developed and applied within the identity system. All visuals featured in the campaigns are custom designed by Frittata aka Banu Alpay. This page showcases the work we created for the events in 2017

We wanted to create an identity that was responsive to the different mediums the events are promoted through. The frame system adjusts fluidly with various document sizes, digital or print.

Each event period features somewhere between 8 to 20 events that are sporadically spread over a period of 2-3 months. The months are highlighted within the identity with specific colors assigned to them.

The beginning of every year we come up with a general visual concept that will be applied to the gatherings and create a custom visual/s for each. 2017’s general concept was to pay homage to different artists that created work conceptually fitting to those of the gatherings.
During our research for 2017 Music Gatherings, we came across the works and writings of Trisha Donnelly. Her approach to depicting sound in image became the derivative force behind our concept visual.

Trisha Donnelly
Untitled 2010

Social media posts, newsletters and web banners are designed, illustrated and animated within the identity system allowing us to introduce new visuals while keeping recognition intact.

↑ Enkasanat.org is designed and developed to work on a custom Wordpress CMS. We used Wordpress due to its ease of use for the client and created a design system within the website that allows all information to seemlessly update as the events progress through out the year.

→The events take place in ENKA Schools’ campus in Istanbul. Environmental graphics are used outside and inside the compound for promotion and wayfinding purposes.

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