This site features works created by Istanbul based design studio Frit Ta Ta, founded and lead by multidisciplinary designer Banu Alpay Waldman.

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B.A.W. was born and raised in Istanbul, experienced traveller and big city veteran.

Having worked for various design companies both in New York and Istanbul, she recently relocated to Austin, TX. For the past 7 years she lead design studio ‘Frit Ta Ta’. As founder and creative director Banu has never shied away from a challenge because of language, location or complexity. She thrives on learning and researching new sectors through her clients.

So far Banu has worked with tech companies, engineers,  urban planners, social entrepreneurs, educators, food and beverage startups, NGOs and more. Banu’s clients include; Arup, Vestel, ENKA Culture and Arts Foundation, Zorlu Holding, UNDP, Koc University and more. Banu also collaborated with non-profit organizations such as Slow Food. She designed the launch of the Slow Olive Conference and other local events. Banu believes good communication design should not be a privilege but a service for all. Banu served as a mentor in the SuCool Start-Up Company League and TSSRF Hackathon. She has also been featured in international and local art exhibitions as an artist and organizer. She is an avid collector of books, prints and other visual ephemera. Banu loves to cook and would love to fluently code so she is currently adding Python to her set of skills.
Austin, TX